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Swisskiss Puppies

Our top priorities and goals as breeders is to produce happy, healthy puppies with good temperaments and strong orthopedics.  We spend hours researching pedigrees to find dogs that come from long lived healthy lines that have good breed type and true working abilities.  We have imported many dogs over the years from other reputable breeders around the world to help improve on our breeding program as well for the betterment of the breed. A lot of time, thought and decisions go into preparing and planning for each breeding, one of the hardest thing is finding just the right male for each of our girls.


Our puppies are sold on CKC non-breeding contracts and registrations and must be spayed/ neutered around a year old, we do not sell puppies just for breeding.  We do however occasionally place one or two of the puppies in show/ breeding potential homes but only with other knowledgeable, responsible reputable breeders and friends. We encourage people to come out and meet us and all the dogs before getting a puppy, we do not ship puppies to people we have not met.


The dogs in our breeding program are screened for hereditary diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, vWD, DM and hearts diseases.


Our puppies are born in our bedroom and raised in our home, they are given 24 hour a day love, care and socialization until they are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old.  They are CKC registered, rear dew claws removed, microchipped, wormed, vet checked, vaccinated and have started on some crate training and house breaking.  Our contracts and puppy pack include guarantees, pictures, pedigrees, and clearances on both parents and information on how to feed, train, raise and care for the puppy.  We will take back any dog that we have bred anytime throughout the dog’s entire life if the owners cannot keep the dog for any reason.


All puppies we produce and dogs we own are entered in the Berner-Garde Health Data base, we ask everyone getting a dog from us to send pictures and updates throughout the dog’s life for our records and, so we can keep Berner-Garde updated. 


If you are sincerely interested and ready for a Swisskiss puppy one day, please fill out our questionnaire, include any information you feel might help us to choose the right puppy for your family. We do not take deposits on puppies until after the puppies are born and we know for sure there will be a puppy available.  Please feel free to keep in touch and drop us an email occasionally, we only have one or two litters a year so there is always a waiting list.


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